It's Time For Kids To Start Writing Their Stories
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Grandparents Face Unique Challenges
Raising Grandchildren During A Pandemic

Us & Them host Trey Kay speaks with West Virginia grandparents about the challenges of raising grandchildren during COVID-19. He also talks with Bonnie Dunn, director of West Virginian State University’s Healthy Grandfamilies program, and Ana Beltran, co-director of National Center on Grandfamilies. LISTEN
Both West Virginia State University, left, and Bluefield State College, right, are HBCUs.
Our New VP Graduated From A Historically Black College;
West Virginia Has One In Institute And One In Bluefield

On January 20, 2021, Kamala Harris, shown at left, became the first vice president of the United States to have earned an undergraduate degree from a Historically Black College or University (HBCU). Two such institutions exist in West Virginia. Learn about the establishment and history of West Virginia State University and Bluefield State College by listening to these two episodes of This Week in West Virginia History.
Tick Tock! Start Getting Your Young Authors Ready To Write
The countdown to the deadline for our PBSKids Writers Contest is on! There are just 48 days left until students have to submit their original illustrated stories to WVPB.

When they enter the PBS KIDS Writers Contest, aspiring authors will compete with kids in their grade level from across West Virginia to win prizes. The contest is open to all students in the state in grades K-5, including those in public and private schools as well as those who are home schooled.

You'll blink and March 31, 2021 will be here here, so get your students/kids familiar with all the rules, requirements and our checklist here.

We know children don't share their creative stories for the glory, but there will be first-, second- and third-place prizes awarded at each grade level. Our top winners may even have their stories animated by WVPB’s Television Production Department. (Fun fact: one of these productions was nominated for a Regional EMMY in 2020! Watch it here for inspiration!)
Help Students Explore Possibilities Of Career And Technical Ed
February is “Career and Technical Education Month,” and it's a great time to explore job opportunities in West Virginia that require either a two-year degree or special certification. Its also a great time to learn about how accessible and affordable CTE programs are for students. The American Graduate Project looks at CTE programs and the job market for technical skills in the Mountain State and across the United States. In some situations, these programs may be available to students while they are still in high school! It's certainly something recent graduates and adult learners of all ages can explore.  LEARN MORE

The entire American Graduate Collection for PreK-13+ is available here.

The Secret Life of Scientists And Engineers Collection
Grades 5-13+ • Media CollectionScience/Engineering • Careers

Wish more students saw science and engineering as career possibilities? These resources can help. The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers is an Emmy-nominated web-series from the acclaimed PBS series, NOVA. The series profiles today’s leading scientists — and shows what they’re like when the lab coats come off — showing viewers a human side of science that many students can relate to.
Gather For Family Night: Pinkalicious & Peterrific Tangle With Cupid
It’s Valentine’s Day in Pinkville, and Pinkalicious can’t wait to make valentines for her class party. When Pinkalicious and Peter befriend Cupid, he offers them a trade: he’ll become a real kid and join Pinkalicious’s class while Pinkalicious becomes Cupid for the day and delivers valentines to everyone (with Peter as her trusted assistant)! Things seem pinkatastic until Pinkalicious and Peter run out of Cupid’s “Love-Is-In-The-Air” spray. PBS Kids Family Night is 7 to 9 p.m. Friday through Saturday.
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