Writers Contest Deadline Is Nearing!
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In 2019, children gathered around an Inquire Within banner at a Mason County Library official event.
We're Looking For A Few Good Sponsors
We have a unique out-of-school program designed to encourage family engagement and highlight the importance of early literacy in elementary school children, but we need sponsors to help us take it into libraries across West Virginia.

Inquire Within is designed to bring respected PBS Kids educational content to children via their local library. The program, which is in 13 counties, makes learning fun, rewarding and engaging. There are six libraries — Sutton Public Library, Helvetia Public Library, Lowe Public Library, Morgan County Public Library, Ohio County Public Library, and Brooke County Public Library — poised to offer the program once they get a sponsor to help with the expense.

Inquire Within has been made possible through financial support from a variety of local funders,” said Harrison Evans, WVPB's education specialist. “The partnership between us and local libraries encourages the creation of innovative, imaginative programming using research-based, parent-trusted PBS content.”

Cabell County Public Library, one of our Inquire Within libraries, is having an Inquire Within Week March 8-12. The focus is on community engagement using PBS Kids content.

“In one event like this one at the Cabell County Public Library, we will be able to reach an entire community of families during one week-long event,” Evans said. “It's a lot of hard work for library staffs, especially those in smaller communities that don't have the resources to go beyond what they already do. Our partnership combined with a sponsorship really makes it possible to reach a lot of young learners.”

Inquire Within libraries with current sponsors include: Buffalo Public Library (sponsored by Toyota | WV), Cabell County Public Library (sponsored by the West Virginia State Treasurer's Office SMART 529 Program), and Raleigh County Public Library (sponsored by the Beckley Area Foundation). Other Inquire Within libraries are Doddridge County Public Library, Tyler County Public Library, Clay County Library, Burnsville Public Library, Mason County Library, Hundred Public Library, Nutter Fort Public Library, Hamlin Public Library, Boone Madison Public Library, and Webster-Addison Eleanor Branch Library.

Would you like to sponsor one library (or more) in West Virginia? Connect with Todd Frymyer, media sales associate, 304-556-4905.

Would like to have an Inquire Within program at your local library? Connect with Harrison Evans at 304-556-4922
March 31 is the deadline.
Help your young authors get motivated to write!
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