State Board Seeks To Support Teachers, Students After COVID
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Stewart was presented the award this week at Duval PK-8 School in Griffithsville, West Virginia. She received a monetary award, our signature Blenko Above and Beyond blue apple paperweight, a certificate of recognition, and a host of other special gifts made possible by the sponsorship of Advantage Technology.
Lincoln Teacher Earns Above And Beyond Award
Angie Stewart, a kindergarten teacher from Lincoln County, has earned West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s Above and Beyond Award, which recognizes excellence and creativity in West Virginia teachers.

Stewart was presented the award this week at Duval PK-8 School in Griffithsville, West Virginia. She won the honor in April, but COVID-19 precautions delayed the presentation where she received a monetary award, our signature Blenko Above and Beyond blue apple paperweight, a certificate of recognition, and a host of other special gifts made possible by the sponsorship of Advantage Technology.

Stewart was nominated by Principal Mary Ann Patton and colleague Kelli Adkins.

“Thank you, West Virginia Public Broadcasting, for recognizing teachers and their efforts to meet the needs of their students,” said Stewart, who has National Board Certification. “Thank you, Kelli Adkins and Mary Patton, for nominating me. I feel very humbled to receive this award. There are many teachers here at Duval PK-8 who go out of their way to help our students. This year has been especially challenging in many ways for our school. We had to work together as a team (like we always do) to make it successful.”

WVPB Education Director Kelly Griffith said it was an honor to meet Stewart and visit with her class at Duvall PK-8. “Her teaching style was evident throughout the classroom but especially with her students,” Griffith said. “They were genuinely excited and proud of their teacher.  The students complimented her by saying ‘She’s the best!’ and ‘Mrs. Stewart loves us and teaches us to read.’ The setting of her classroom was positive and the level of comfort and contentment with the young learners was obvious. We truly appreciate her dedication to the field of education and the impact it makes on the students.”

Patton said Stewart is an “excellent kindergarten teacher at our school and very deserving of this award.”
Stewart has served on Duval’s Leadership Team for five years as liaison for the PK and Kindergarten Professional Learning Community. She is involved with the school’s strategic plan, as well as its hiring process. She was integral to Duval PK-8 becoming a Leader-in-Me school, which embodies a holistic approach to education and redefining how schools measure success. The goal in an LIM school is to arm educators with effective practices and tools to teach leadership to every student, create a culture of student empowerment, and align systems to drive results in academics.

“The trust that our staff puts in her is part of the reason why we took the plunge and became a LIM school,” Patton said, adding that Stewart is instrumental in organizing the culminating LIM event, Student Leadership Day. “She makes sure our youngest students get to display their leadership abilities to their families and community on this important day.”

Patton said that Stewart goes above and beyond expectations to meet students’ needs in and out the classroom by purchasing supplies and clothing for those in need, as well as distributing food and learning packets when critical. She also makes instructional videos every weekend so her blended and fully remote students can have special instruction.

“She knows the importance of making that personal connection with her students and not just relying on videos from various educational companies,” Patton said. “In addition, Angie knows the importance of hands-on learning activities for her kindergarteners.”

Although it’s not required by Lincoln County, Stewart still creates and distributes weekly learning packets to students who need them. “Angie does whatever is necessary to ensure her students have everything they need to be successful in school,” Patton said.

State Board Seeks To Support Teachers, Students After COVID
The West Virginia Board of Education is exploring ways to improve working conditions for teachers who are emerging from the unprecedented drain of teaching during a pandemic — and looking ahead at the way forward for their students who will need remediation.

The board hopes to address issues like teacher shortages and burnout as classes return this fall and as educators assess the best plan to ensure that everyone in the classroom is supported.

Board members last week heard plans from two counties in their monthly meeting on how they hope to assist students in catching up. They also received a presentation from the nonpartisan Learning Policy Institute. Their study, which began in July 2019 and ended in Feb. 2020, considered teacher shortages as a major issue in West Virginia — but a critical issue in southern counties. WVPB EDUCATION REPORTER LIZ McCORMICK HAS MORE.
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