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There are so many young people in the U.S. who are not in school, working, or training for work, that there’s a name for it. They are disconnected youth and West Virginia has one of the highest rates in the nation — 17 percent. LISTEN.
Plan Your Summer Of Possibilities
Play and learn your way this summer! You can explore and play with your child all season long with a variety of free resources from PBS KIDS. Spark curiosity and creativity with hands-on activities, tips and games around different themes supporting literacy, math, science, and life skills. PLAN YOUR SUMMER!
Benjamin Franklin: Writer, Inventor, Founding Father
Grades 3-8 | Video | Social Studies

With Father’s Day around the corner, what better time to discuss a Founding Father? At the height of the Age of Enlightenment, Benjamin Franklin accomplished great works in countless fields, including science, politics, and media, becoming one of America’s most prolific Founding Fathers. He used his talent for writing and printing to make his opinions known and help shape the world. LEARN MORE.

Grades 6-12  | Video | Science and Social Studies
In the United States, summer begins on June 20, 2021. Is that date the same around the world? Day by day, country by country, we tend to measure seasons differently. Learn the science and history used to determine the seasons. FIND OUT MORE.

June 20, 1863: You Are There
Explore the West Virginia Statehood movement through the eyes of individuals who lived during that time with this video from West Virginia Public Broadcasting. Students will hear news reports from locations around the new state, see interviews with a soldier and people on the street. Additionally, students will learn more about the naming of the state and creation of the state seal and motto. Lesson plans are included in the support materials. LEARN MORE.
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