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West Virginia Schools For The Deaf And Blind Were Found Lacking In Student Care And Finances
Last week, the West Virginia Department of Education released a report that found the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind to be in non-compliance in eight different areas. Those areas included student care, instruction, special education, facilities, transportation, financial indicators and purchasing compliance, personnel and leadership. LEARN MORE.
Start Exploring Libraries With Library Pathfinders
This initiative serves to engage students, parents, libraries and teachers in a familiar learning space: virtual. A "Pathfinder" is someone who goes ahead of others to create a path for them to follow.
Make A Birdfeeder With Curious George
Ask your child to describe different birds he or she has seen in your yard or neighborhood. Then, ask, “What do you think birds like to eat?” Explain that different types of birds like different kinds of foods, some examples being insects, worms, fruit, nectar, and birdseeds. Create a plastic bottle birdfeeder in this Curious George activity!

The Age Of Nature
Grades 3 - 12 | Media Collection | Science, Math, Literacy, Social Studies

Explore humanity’s relationship with nature and wildlife, as scientists and conservationists from all over the world examine ways we can restore our planet. The Age of Nature series asks whether newfound awareness of nature could bring about a new chapter in the human story.

Exploring Health Careers In Health Science
9 -13+ | Video | Science, Health, Careers
In this video, students learn about the different careers in the medical field. When we think of the medical field, we often think of doctors and nurses. However, there are several other careers that play a vital role in this field. Despite varying education requirements and your chosen specialty, the healthcare field allows you to work with different people daily. LEARN MORE.
West Virginia History
Trail Town | Appalachian Innovators
Examine how community members of West Eaton, PA, and other towns along the Great Allegheny Passage are expanding upon existing resources such as railroads, hiking trails and bike paths to increase economic development in their areas.  Does your community have similar opportunities for using local resources to develop the economy?
Successful WVU STEM Mentoring Program Is Headed To Alabama

The West Virginia Health Sciences and Technology Academy, aka HSTA, is a mentoring program housed at West Virginia University. The program helps participating high school students enter and succeed in STEM-based undergraduate and graduate degree programs.  This model initiative is now expanding to Alabama. LEARN MORE.

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