West Virginia Schools Tackle Summer Learning With Fun
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(L-R): Harrison Evans, WVPB education specialist, Judy Rule, Cabell County Public Library director, and Riley Moore, West Virginia state treasurer pose with the Inquire Within banner at the Cabell County Public Library.
WVPB is Seeking Sponsors For Inquire Within
Inquire Within is designed to bring respected PBS Kids educational content to children via their local library. The program, currently offered in 13 libraries, makes learning enjoyable for children throughout the Mountain State. There are 14 libraries — Sutton Public Library, Helvetia Public Library, Lowe Public Library, Southern Area Library, Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library, Morgan County Public Library, Ohio County Public Library, Brooke County Public Library, Shady Spring Branch Library, Vienna Public Library, Putnam County Library, Cowen Public Library, Louis Bennet Public Library, and Fort Ashby Public Library — poised to offer the program once a sponsor is identified to help with expenses. LEARN MORE.
A Current View Of Virtual Learning In West Virginia

In our latest installment of our summer education series, “Closing the COVID Gap,” we explore the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on broadband needs and virtual schooling.
Many pockets of West Virginia still do not have reliable internet access in homes, yet thousands of school children last year were forced into remote and virtual learning.
Additionally, West Virginia lawmakers approved a bill this past session that allows the creation of virtual charter schools in the state. LEARN MORE.
How To Handle Tough School Days
A harried mother writes: “On her first day of preschool, my daughter woke up ready to go! She was joining the Owl class, and so she put on an owl shirt, helped me pack her lunch, and grabbed her blankie for nap time. The day didn’t go as planned. About 30 minutes after drop-off, I got a call saying she had been accidentally placed in the wrong class, so they were taking her over to the Bear class instead. Two hours after that, I got a call asking if she had lunch. Apparently, it got lost in the shuffle of moving rooms. And when I picked her up, she wordlessly handed me her wet blanket. She had spilled her water on it just before nap time.” Visit the link for advice on how to handle tough days at school from PBS Parents. READ MORE.
This past school year was unusual. But with students heading back to school, there's a lot we can do to bolster our children’s feelings of confidence and security as they head into a new year. Here are ways to get in the back-to-school mindset and cope with any anxieties or emotions. Visit the link for back-to-school resources from PBS Parents! READ MORE.
One Minute Painting Lesson
Grades 3 - 12 | Video | Art, History

People have created paintings in different ways in different places and times. This short animation provides a quick lesson on the history of painting. LEARN MORE.

Using Color to Create Emphasis
Grades 3 - 12 | Video | Art

Practice using color to create visual emphasis and perspective in your artwork like West Virginia artist Eddie Austin. LEARN MORE!
West Virginia History
West Virginia's Moving Capital

In a referendum on August 7, 1877, West Virginia voters chose Charleston to be the permanent state capital. The capital’s location had become a running joke, as government records had been moved from Wheeling to Charleston and then back to Wheeling again over 14 years. The capital was on the move often on West Virginia riverboats, it earned the nickname, “the floating capital.” Learn more in this episode of “This Week in West Virginia History.” READ MORE.
The 25th Season of Arthur Will Be Its Last
In the winter of 2022, the final season of Arthur will debut after 25 years on television. Arthur will continue to be available on PBS Kids for years to come. Producer GBH and PBS Kids are continuing to work together on additional Arthur content, sharing the lessons of Arthur and his friends in new ways.
American Experience
Hero Of Freedom Summer

Robert (Bob) Parris Moses was an educator, philosopher, and civil rights activist. As a high school teacher from New York City, he went to Mississippi in 1960 to help launch one of the largest grassroots civil rights campaigns in American history. From 1961-1964, he directed the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee’s Mississippi Voter Registration Project and was lead organizer of the Mississippi Freedom Summer project in 1964. He passed away Sunday, July 25, 2021. WATCH THE FILM AND LEARN MORE.

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