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WVPB Partners with Fayette Institute of Technology in Developing Student Reporters
Inside Appalachia producer Roxy Todd has been working with students in Keith Doherty’s media class at Fayette Institute of Technology on a special podcast project. Students identified community and state related topics which interested them, researched the topics, conducted interviews, and created and recorded their final stories which will be broadcast on Inside Appalachia and available on the FIT website. Students commented that during interviews they were amazed they were taken so seriously by adults and that sometimes it was challenging to have a conversation with an adult but it was a good learning experience. Overall, the project gave them the opportunity to learn more about things they care about and to have ownership and direction for their learning.  The podcast will be part of the student’s digital portfolio.

The first two programs: What’s in a Name – Poca and Funding for the Fayette County Animal Shelter was published on Inside Appalachia’s podcast and the radio broadcast. Follow the IA podcast or listen to Inside Appalachia throughout May for additional stories from this project.

FIT is also a member of the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs project and works with an SRL Youth Media Producer to create audio and video programs.

FIT students pictured L-R: Cody Frye, Bryson Sapio, Evan Robinson, Matthew Light, Nicole Thompson, Brylee Stephenson, Anna Skaggs, Devyn Washington – Teacher Keith Doherty

Explore The Outdoors Collection
Nurture kids’ curiosity about the natural world and inspire outdoor fun. Explore these PBS LearningMedia resources to introduce topics like- bugs, nature, recycling, and Earth, and explore the outdoors together!

Grades: All
Thomas Dambo: Forest Giants
Grades: All
Learn about the stories behind the giant forest trolls in Bernheim Forest in Kentucky and why Thomas Dambo chose it for his troll sculptures created from trash. Thomas Dambo of Denmark created Forest Giants in a Giant Forest using “trash”—wood from old whiskey barrels, old pallets, and trees downed in ice storms. “I try to be a trash superstar,” he says. Explore these unique creatures with the many resources provided at this link.

Sesame Street in Communities – Exploring Outdoors
Ages 2-6

Watch Elmo, Abby, and Louie explore differences between leaves at the park. Then think about things you see in everyday life that appear similar, but upon closer observation, are actually quite different.
For instance, during snack time, observe the seeds in an apple. They all may appear brown and small, but if you observe closely, you’ll notice that they’re actually all different shades of brown, different shapes, and different sizes.  At the park, pick two blades of grass. Notice how they both appear thin and green, but they’re actually different sizes, different shades of green, and perhaps different textures.

Storyteller Uses Nature                                                                                      Grades K-1st

Try one of our lessons from WVPB’s Folkway’s Curriculum Project with premade lessons made by educators. Encourage students to use their five senses as they explore nature! The Storyteller Uses Nature lesson in the K-1st Grade Curriculum was created by Dancey Howes and Deanna Cunningham and it focuses on using the five senses to create a story using their own experiences. The lesson includes engaging photos, a video, and a fun activity to get children outdoors!
Trail Town – Appalachian Innovators              Grades 6-12

Examine how community members of West Eaton, PA and other towns along the Great Allegheny Passage are expanding upon existing resources such as railroads, hiking trails, and bike paths to increase economic development in their areas.

Conservationist Rodney Bartgis                          Grades 6-12

What drives a person to devote his life to understanding the complex elements of nature? Learn about the work and accomplishments of noted conservationist Rodney Bartgis in this video from the Inspiring West Virginians series.

Rodney Bartgis Social Studies Lesson and Viewing Guide

Rodney Barges Science Lesson Plan

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